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Obamacare Health Insurance

and still find coverage

Learn about Healthcare Plan without ObamaCare... and without penaltie$.

I've found a way to have great health coverage AND be able to AFFORD it. Really!  I use it & LOVE it.  


I chose to have a concierge doctor.  I get same day appointments & he gave me his cell  phone - seriously.  

I will email you what I'm using  and I'll have the Coverage send you all the details direct so you can see how it works.

Fill out the Form to get info by Email.

OR, send an email to and send your name, state of residence and phone.


 First, you'll receive an email from Karen - that's me :)  and I'll send you details of how it's working for me.   

Allow 24 hours to receive 2 emails - one from me and one direct from the Coverage.

Your info is held privately by me and the coverage -  not shared with any other entity.  This is an informational site  - the coverage is NOT Insurance yet you  get health coverage AND avoid  Ocare penalties.  It's explained in the emails you will receive.

FINE PRINT:   By Filling out the form, you agree that you want to learn about this "new" type of health coverage that is not officially "insurance".   You must include your name, state of residence and telephone number (coverage may call to confirm that you received overview by email) so we can send you the appropriate info.   I may receive a referral fee if you decide to go with this plan and you will be eligible to receive referral fees also when you become a member.   This plan is paying my bills after a low $500 deductible.  There are many more details that you will receive direct from the plan because I'm not an employee - just love using this plan and not paying the high premiums that I had on the "Affordable" (ha) Care Act - ACA.    This is about my experiences and there are no guarantees that you will have the same, I'm just sharing this as a part of your investigation/education.   My best wishes for you and you family.  :)   Karen

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